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  "Reflections" (photo credit: Kiril Zelenkovski , 35 mm film)      "The work "Reflections" is a result of many years of artistic and personal pursuits and inner conflicts. It is an attempt of an inner reflection and transformation of darkness into light, evil to good, ugliness to beauty, lie to truth, death to birth. The musical language I use in the work is my maternal language - everything in my personal and artistic life that has inspired me, fascinated me and taught me, most important of all - love, honesty and braveness.      I hope the audience will enjoy the music and identify with it, and I sincerely hope that every reflection will end/begin with new knowledge and insight which will ultimately help build a better and true world."     Visitors of the premiere of my work "Reflections" for piano, have read these lines in the program notes, in a calm and contemplative summer evening on the 26th of August, at the terrace overlooking the rive

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