"Reflections" (photo credit: Kiril Zelenkovski, 35 mm film)

    "The work "Reflections" is a result of many years of artistic and personal pursuits and inner conflicts. It is an attempt of an inner reflection and transformation of darkness into light, evil to good, ugliness to beauty, lie to truth, death to birth. The musical language I use in the work is my maternal language - everything in my personal and artistic life that has inspired me, fascinated me and taught me, most important of all - love, honesty and braveness. 
    I hope the audience will enjoy the music and identify with it, and I sincerely hope that every reflection will end/begin with new knowledge and insight which will ultimately help build a better and true world."

    Visitors of the premiere of my work "Reflections" for piano, have read these lines in the program notes, in a calm and contemplative summer evening on the 26th of August, at the terrace overlooking the river Vardar - the very river that divides Skopje in two parts. 

Museum of Macedonian struggle - Premiere of "Reflections" 26.08.2020

    The terrace - a beautiful extension to the fascinating Museum of Macedonian struggle - always seemed to me like an ideal place to perform music. In fact, this is exactly one of the things I absolutely love about the city of Skopje - there are numerous of these "magical" spots everywhere. So, performing music at the Museum's terrace was an idea I had dating several years back. However, it wasn't until I met Daniela Nikolova (the Museum's director and the person behind the initiative of my "Concert in isolation" back in May, 2020) that I began to realize this idea could be put into action. 
    Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of quarantines and curfews, I contemplated the idea of composing an integral work in a format of a piano recital. I worked on these pieces intensively over a period of several months, waiting patiently for the authorities to give a green light and bring concerts back in our lives. 
    I set the finishing touches early August, 2020 in the village of Bitushe (Western Macedonia), reveling in the wondrous mountains and forests. The new way of life which the pandemic imposed on all of us has set a different tone in my artistic work. The everyday life of a concert pianist is usually very dynamic, it includes a lot of traveling, meeting people, working with people etc. Everything was very different these couple of months. There was more time to think, more time to reflect. I think one can definitely feel this "change of tempo" in the "Reflections". 

"Reflections" - Dino Imeri
    After - what I felt was - a successful premiere of "Reflections", I felt it was time to put this material on an album and produce it. I thought it would be a shame to make it a one-concert-experience, especially because the music became intimately important to me. So, this is the next step!
    I am very thankful to everyone who encouraged me throughout the years to express myself in music and to discover new aspects of life every day. I am also very thankful to everyone that worked selflessly on turning my idea into a reality - a concert performance at the "magical" spot behind Skopje's Museum of Macedonian struggle. 

- Dino